qHelf – Design Thinking 2015

Completing the first incarnation of the Design Thinking (MT2542) course, four students from MSPI has presented their final projects. The students have been working together with local entrepreneurs in qHelf, who are exploring opportunities for preventive wellness.

Prototyping qHelf
Prototyping qHelf


About the project

Students: Yasmeen Jaghbeer, Saeid Taghavi, Yufeng Sun, Yonghao Yang

Program: MSPI

Course: MT2542 Design Thinking (2015)

Project problem: Office workers are not moving enough in their workdays

Solution: QMirror & QSensors

User needs focus

Based on their analysis of user needs, the student team has focused on developing solutions for the devoted office worker, who is dissatisfied with wearable technologies. The focus that the students hav been working on is how to change the behavior of office workers in the workplace.

Prototyping with LittleBits
Prototyping with LittleBits

Final prototype -qHelf QMirror & QSensors

For their final prototype, the students have presented a concept of how an office worker can be served with customized insights and feedback from their daily habits in the office place. Using an office chair equipped with QSensors, qHelf will be able to provide individualized feedback to the office worker in the QMirror, where they can see the long-term implications of their habits.

The vision of the provided service is that companies and staff will have access to a virtualized physician to provide insights and knowledge that allows them to improve their habits.

Prototype scenario

Below follows a video of the team’s final prototype scenario: