Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the MSPI program with answers. For further questions, please contact the program director.


Q: If I am accepted to the MSPI program, can I then apply for PhD programs?

  • A: The way that it works in Sweden, a PhD position is posted when there is such a position available. Because PhD positions in Sweden are paid a salary, it requires that the university (or the primary supervisor) have funding related to research projects for those positions. This means that it is not possible for me to guarantee that you can apply for a PhD position. However, our goal is to recruit some PhD students from each class of MSPI students. So if you come to MSPI, you do good work at the master’s level, and your research interests align with the research interests we have here at the university, then there is a good chance of being able to also work into a PhD program here. PhD positions can also be funded by companies, i.e. you can get signed up as PhD candidate at a university without having employment there, just making sure that the work for PhD supervision is covered. For further information in this topic, contact Professor Tobias Larsson (http://www.bth.se/ing/tlr). Also, have a look at “Study in Sweden’s guide to PhD studies” since all universities in Sweden follow the same rules.

Q: Does the programme require full time attendance?

  • A: Yes, in general it does (from August 30th to June 5th not including winter and reading breaks). Even in periods three and four, group projects, tutorials and some seminars will necessitate attendance at BTH to gain the full learning experience. Some students may gain special permission to visit their project locations and/or their homes provided the visit can be shown to be significantly beneficial to their overall learning.

Q: I have been accepted into the Master’s Programme. When should I arrive in Karlskrona?

  • A: We highy recommend that you attend orientation week starting one week before the official semester commencement. Information about the orientation week schedule will be provided to incoming students in early August.

Q: What sort of degree is the MSPI programme and what is its equivalency?

  • A: You will receive a Degree of Master of Science (Two Year) in Mechanical Engineering. The Swedish Institute provides additional information about the equivalency of Swedish degrees in other countries (see FAQ about studying in Sweden and a chart that helps to explain).