Master Thesis in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation

The thesis project is a chance to really dig in and focus on a topic of your choice.

To promote learning through discussion, thesis projects are done in groups of 2-3 MSPI students. With the help of other thesis groups and the program team, there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experience around you and apply it to a project!

Thesis projects will explore a topic from each perspective stemming from the three themes of the program:

  • Sustainability, to make sure that sustainability is inherent in the thesis,
  • Innovation, which includes both invention/discovery (generation of new theories, ideas and concepts) and to bring “the newess” up on the agenda.
  • Product-Service System, which is a concept that integrates products and services in one scope for planning, development and delivery, thus for the whole life cycle.

This means that you try to explore topics in relation to how they help or hinder an organization, community or society to achieve compliance with a sustainable PSS innovation.

The reason that this criteria exists is because of the trans-disciplinary nature of the program, i.e. where we share a common understanding of what sustainability is (i.e. the principles of sustainability), PSS and Innovation to explore how we can uniquely contribute to attaining sustainability-driven PSS solutions.

Course responsible and examiner

Professor Tobias C. Larsson