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Meet Xin Yi

Xin Yi
Xin Yi

In a series of posts we’ll get acquainted with the current breed of MSPI students. First out, we’ll meet Xin Yi who is in her first year of the Master’s program in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation.

Who are you?

I am Xin Yi.

Where do You come from?

I come from China where I did my bachelor degree before coming to BTH.

Why did you choose MSPI and BTH?

MSPI is a good and promising major, which help us understand what people’s needs then put up with various of innovation ideas, products and service to satisfied people and market’s needs, increase the interest of the business, also try reduce the environmental damage. I am very interest in it, so I choose this as my major. The reason why I choose BTH are firstly, I am interested in the major of MSPI. Secondly, two of my friends once been to BTH as exchange students stayed here for 1 year. They share their study and life experiences with me, and sounds very good and meaningful, so I decided to come here to continue my study.

How are you finding the MSPI experience and your time at BTH so far?

The experience of MSPI at BTH is awesome. In here I have learned many interesting courses, and at the same time I have chances to put what I learn into practice, as every course the teacher would give us different projects to choose to improve and consolidate the knowledge what we learned. Moreover, the teachers here are kind and approachable, if you have any problem you could communicate with them. In addition, the teaching facilities here are also wonderful, and I love BTH’s library.

What has been your favorite course so far, and why?

My favorite course is Value Innovation. It is my first course here, and the teacher Marco help me a lot. I still remember once time we do some class works, and I am not understand what he talked and everyone else start to their work, then he would talked to me slowly one more time and let me know what he talked and encouraged me. It impressed me a lot and I like his course.

Have you attended any extra curricular activities? What have you learnt from this participation? 

Yes, I have attended many extra curricular activities. Such as international day, welcome fresh man party, culture adventure. I have make new friends, know their culture and a little bit of their language. But the most thing I have learned is respect every one’s culture and life style.

The key areas for the program is Sustainability/sustainable development, Product-service systems and Innovation. How do you think engineers can benefit from mastering these perspectives? 

If an engineer master sustainability, product-service system and innovation, she will be a comprehensive people, as sustainability is the need of human society, with the development of the society, people’s attention are increased a lot in this area. So an engineer should keep sustainability in mind. Moreover, produce-service and innovation is a trend of industry development, which do not like the past business model just pay attention to the physical product, it attach more importance to the service to meet people and society’s needs. So in a bird’s eyes view, it will push forward human society with less pollution and from the person’s perspective, an engineer master these perspectives will be more competence.

Why is this essential for companies to take these views into consideration?

If a company want to maintain the vitality of enterprises and not to be outdone, they should keep sustainability and product-service innovation in mind.

Xin Yi
Xin Yi

What is the main challenge in this field in the future?

The main challenge is the concept of sustainability. As not all the people have this concept. The more people awareness of the importance of sustainability the more sustainable we could arrive. In the world especially in some developing country people do not have this kind of realization. Take China as an example, in our university we do not have this kind of course, and I have search other universities, less universities in China have the similar courses like here. College students are the hope of the future, if they do not have their concept, it would be hard to promote sustainable. If we want to the sustainable could be the global sustainable, we should allow more people know these concepts and how know they should do.

What do you see as essential developments for society relating to this field in the future?

If the society do not care about sustainability, and people continue to misuse of our resources just for earn more money, and it will result in bad effects and vicious circles. When one day the resources are exhausted what we could rely on? So we should rational use of resources.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing the education programme should focus on? Why?

The most important thing the education programme should focus on is to ensure what students learned are indeed need in our society and maybe school could give us more chance to go to real companies to visit or give us a short time to allow us find an internship in our interested company to understand what we are lack of and the enterprise are needed.

How would you like change the program for the better?

Our program is name sustainable product-service system innovation. Maybe it could be divided into two part, and the students choose their more interested part to have specific courses. One part the students graduated they could work is in R&D department to put innovate ideas to improve the product and attract more customers. The second part, the students would pay more attention on business model for a company to guide the company go further in a sustainability perspectives.

What would recommend to future students interested in these topics?

Choose the major you like and you will interested what you have learned.

What is your expectations for the rest of your education? Say you’re sitting after your graduation celebrating your success, what did you achieve?tt

The rest of my education, during the school life I will try my best to learn knowledge about my major, improve English, learn Swedish and adhere to do exercise. In the summer, I plan to find an internship about my major. In the third semester, I want to apply for an exchange program to go to another country to study one semester and also think about my last semester thesis.

Imaging I am sitting at my graduation celebrating, I hope I have find a good job or continue with PhD studies. Have finish my Chinese home university thesis at the same time and also graduate from china. I have mastered a fluent English and basic Swedish, also have a good health.

What would be your dream job after graduating from MSPI?

My dream job is be a teacher in a university.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years from now?

In 5 years later maybe I am continue to study as a PhD student or maybe work in a foreign company.

What kind of hobbies and activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

In my spare time, I would like going out traveling and making new friends. As I come from China, the culture is totally different from here. In my opinion, experience is the best teacher, so I will go out to experience different kind of life, learn more culture, language and see the more colorful world. So that what I do in my spare time.