MSPI is BTH’s nominee to Global Swede Ceremony

Denny Carolina Villamil (Carolina)

Denny Carolina Villamil (Carolina), MSPI ’12, has been nominated by BTH for the “Global Swede” award that recognizes international students who are studying in Sweden. 

Professor Tobias Larsson says “Carolina is an excellent candidate for the Global Swede award. She is a bright student that brings energy into dialogues, discussions and the educational environment. Being highly motivated, seeking creative solutions, and truly promoting an open-minded approach to whatever obstacles come in her way, she do not only show excellent grades but also is a good ambassador for her educational programme, and her Colombian culture. In her interaction with our industrial partners she is also making an excellent case for the value of international students in Sweden to add to the multi-cultural society of today.”

Congratulations Carolina!

Carolina and Nanond