Bike Theft Prevention

prototype bike theft controls
LittleBits prototype

In the Design Thinking course, Xin Yi and Philip Axelsson have explored solutions and concepts for preventing bike theft. Their project started by investigating user needs and preferences. Their final concept involves reinventing the bike rack with modern technologies to provide users with added comfort.


About the project

Team name: Star

Students: Xin Yi, Philip Axelsson

Program: MSPI, Industrial Management and Engineering

Course: MT2542 Design thinking

Project problem: Solving bike theft

Solution: Intelligent bike parking system

Summary – Preventing bike theft

In our bike parking system the greatest value are providing a safe parking space for bike users, which including an intelligent lock, pressure sensor, monitor system and alarming system. Moreover, this system reducing the parking time and bring more convenient for users. Intelligent parking system will be a trend.

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