Product-Service System Design Research

The Product-Service System Design Research course introduce students to research theories and methods that are applicable for investigating PSS design issues.


Course Purpose

9781848825864The purpose of the course to introduce the students to the theories and methods that product-service system innovation are based on, both from an business and public sector “state-of-practice” perspective and from a “state-of-art” research perspective. The students will gain an increased understanding of the application of different processes for the development of product- and service solutions.

Course Objectives

The aims of the PSS Design Research course are to make students better qualified and equipped for their research by (i) helping them select a theoretical foundation and develop a research approach, and (ii) make appropriate choices regarding methods and tools.

The objectives are to provide the students with:

  • insight into existing design theories and models to enable them to select a suitable theoretical foundation;
  • an overview of design research methods to enable them to develop the most appropriate approach for their own situation;
  • the opportunity to get to know and learn from researchers in the field

Course Contents

  • Design research history and background
  • Research paradigm
  • Design Science
  • Research plans
  • Qualitative methods
  • Validation of research
  • Case studies

Aims & Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student will know:

  • How design research is carried out
  • Validity of research
  • Planning of research
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods in design research
  • The nature of design and design research
  • Formulating research questions
  • Analysing a design process (protocol analysis)
  • Research questions / hypotheses
  • Concepts, models, schools and theories of design and designing;
  • The nature and use of theories
  • Defining research focus

Learning & Teaching

Course focus is to give the participant knowledge to understand theories and methodologies regarding design research and the planning of research. Through, lectures, workshops, assigned readings and assignments students will gain an understanding of the course content. Students will complete assignments on an individual or small group basis, and will share his/her learning with others through his/her written documents, group work and presentations. The course will be provided in English.

Course responsible and examiner

Professor Tobias C. Larsson