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Education is crucial! With this international master programme we create the product-service innovators of tomorrow.

Support us with the abilities you have.

It may be

  • Student scholarships which are essential in protecting the international and cross-cultural profile of the class by providing funds to students who lack the personal resources to finance a year in Sweden – particularly those from poorer regions of the world. Scholarships are vital to the success of the MSPI programme, for without them we will miss the opportunity to host qualified, passionate students from parts of the world where strong sustainable development leadership is desperately needed. A gift of US$10 000 will allow a student participate in the programme, and our goal is to provide scholarships for at least five students annually.
  • Innovation Internships that provide recent MSPI graduates an opportunity to closely interact with product developers, innovators, innovation leaders,  and academic experts. Through placement programs, we can strengthen and extend the learning experience, strengthen our own core staff, and foster our relationships with our partners.
  • Visiting Leaders and Scholars Exchange which brings experts and leaders, particularly those with global perspectives, to share their experiences with the MSPI class, other BTH students and the local community.
  • Donation of material, machines or equipment for MSPI to “play around with” in their prototyping labs.
  • Donation of time where you take part in our work and support the development of the program, and marketing.
  • Donation of money for the programme to be used for increased quality, travel, and other expenses.

For more detailed information, or to discuss donation options, please contact us.