Testimonials from MSPIs and partners.

”What I find amazing is that not only are different disciplines connected, but also people from all over the world. This give perspectives and influences in the work that we have not previously thought of or paid attention to. The end result will come into direct use, not only as inspiration, but also as roadmaps for the future.”

Jenny Elfsberg, Director, Emerging Technologies, Volvo Construction Equipment in relation to the PSS Extreme Innovation project presentations 2012.


It change dramatically how we develop products and services”

Behrad Mirafshar, Iran, MSPI’12


“The last two years have completely changed my life. So many tremendous experiences”

Aaron Lewis, Canada, MSPI’12


“Via MSPI we will have good access to students that are trained in solving the problems we are facing as we speak”

Ola Isaksson, Company Specialist, Adjunct Professor, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems at company hosted field trip 2011.


“Wow, I learned so many things … I think I’m a system thinker now. The international aspects make this a great experience”

Carolina Villamil, Colombia, MSPI’12


“It gives me great tools, for real life, MSPI is the future!”

Björn Tenland, Sweden, MSPI’12