Thesis and project collaboration

The MSPI-program with its interdisciplinary approach invites industries for collaboration, and also to partner in a variety of activities within MSPI.



Projects with MSPI

Numerous course projects and thesis projects have been done by MSPI by the requests of company partners through on-going collaboration. Some examples of areas that the projects have focused:

  • Unleashing student creativity to explore new innovation opportunities around a new product concept.
  • Exploring innovations that improve the sustainability aspects of a current product or service.
  • Learning how sustainability can be a driver for innovation processes.
  • Developing existing products into product-service systems with the intent of increasing revenue by providing more value to partners.

Great opportunities for projects

Because of the diversity of experiences and richness in background knowledge of the students, there are great opportunities for design projects that need a fresh perspective. Some of the collaboration opportunities are listed below:

  • One-time student projects
  • On-going projects in various MSPI courses
  • Master’s thesis projects
  • MSPI Programme sponsorship
  • Student scholarship sponsorship

More information

To get more information about some of the projects that have been done in MSPI so far, please refer to the course project and MSc Thesis archives.

If you want to with us on projects, please contact us.